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The birth of The Fish Monger’s Wife began literally with the birth our first daughter. Like many new parents, we faced the hard choice of does mom go back to work or stay at home.

The Monger’s family has been commercial fishing for Great Lakes Whitefish in Muskegon, Michigan since 1927, but they had never operated a retail fish market. I grew up working at my parent’s retail clothing store. We found a compromise when I packed up the old ’77 Ford F150 (nicknamed the Tomato Soup Truck because of its faded color) and headed to the Muskegon Farmers Market. The plan was I’d make some seasonal income by selling Petersen Fisheries Fresh catch during the summer and then be home for the rest of the year. Little did we know where that road would lead us.

We started out only selling fresh fish fillets. Then we added smoked fish using a traditional saltwater brine and 100% wood Fired smokehouse— just like Great Grandpa Ben and Great Grandma Oral Petersen used.

Our Mom and Pop operation got “real” in 2012 when we purchased a brick and mortar building at 2127 W. Sherman Blvd. in Norton Shores, MI. We were drawn to the building because of the 1,500 square Foot greenhouse that could be converted into a fish/seafood processing room, but we love it because of the hardwood floors and skylights! During this time my waist began to expand again and we found out a second daughter would fill out our family that November.

Every day I wake up with two thoughts: Are the kids ok? And how can we do what we are doing better? Whether it is providing local restaurants with fresh fish, or helping a Fish Folk prepare the fish dish of their dreams, we strive to provide our Fish Folk with the best fish possible.


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Greek Shrimp & Asparagus Orzo Meal Kit 1 Hearty Serving: Preorder June 11 & 12
Spinach Feta Salmon Burger Meal Kit 1 serving: Preorder for July 2
Salmon Burger Meal Kit 1 serving: Preorder for July 2
Fresh Lettuce: Sweet & Sassy Greens 5oz
Salmon, w/House Rub Meal Kit 1 Serving
Salmon, Alaskan King, 1lb
Softshell Crabs, Prime (4.5-5 inches) Size, Fresh; 1 Crab
Steelhead Trout 1lb
Halibut Alaskan, Fresh, 1lb
Fillets for Families Food Drive 1lb Donation
Catfish Alabama Farm Raised 1lb
Lobster Live 1.25lbs: ORDER DEADLINE Thurs 12pm for Friday Delivery
Salmon, Sockeye, Copper River 1lb
Wild Caught Sunfish/Bluegill (bag)
Rocky Point Frozen Cooked Lobster Meat
Shrimp Tiger, Jumbo 8/12 Frozen Raw Peeled & Deveined, 2 lb
Bluegill/Sunfish Frozen 1lb
Fillets for Families Food Drive 1lb Donation
Fillets for Families Food Drive 6.25lb Donation
Fillets for Families Food Drive 18.75lb Donation
Fillets for Families Food Drive 12.5lb Donation
Freezer Sale Whitefish: Wife 20lbs
Slammin Salmon Sale: Monger Package 20lb
Slammin Salmon Sale: Wife Package 15lb
Slammin Salmon Sale: Little Fish Package 10lb
Freezer Sale Whitefish: Monger 35lbs Click for Details
Freezer Sale Whitefish: Little Fish 10lbs
Fillets for Families Food Drive $1 Donation
Smoked Whitefish Crumbles: 1lb
Blue Laker Smoked Trout Dip
Fillets for Families Food Drive 1lb Donation
Smoked Cisco Boneless Fillets 1lb
Smoked Whitefish Deli, 8oz
Lake MI Dip Smoked Whitefish Dip
Smoked Salmon Boneless Fillets 1lb
Smoked Salmon Snacks 1lb


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Check out my digital recipe box. All my recommended recipes have been tested and tried by myself or by Fish Folk Foodies with exceptional taste buds!

Course: Main Course, Soup

Cuisine: American, Comfort

Yield: 1 Pint


Course: Main Dish

Cuisine: 15 Minutes or less, American


Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Greek & Mediterranean



Greetings Fish Folk,

I used to host monthly cooking classes in our Norton Shores fish market and miss the experience of interacting and sharing recipes with like-minded Fish Folk. With all the changes because of the pandemic, I’ve decided to host virtual cooking classes instead!

Let us take the fear out of cooking fish, and provide you with a fun daytime activity that will teach you a lifelong skill. You’ll always know what ingredients you need in advance because The Fish Monger’s Wife provides all of the necessary components for each class.


  • Last Taste of Summer: Whitefish on the Grill / October 02, 2021 / FREE

    Class description would go here along with some details on the topic and format the class will cover. Class description would go here along with some details on the topic and format the class will cover.

  • Whitefish Chowder / November 06, 2021 / $20

    Blustery breezes are blowing in off Lake Michigan and it’s time to put something warm on the stove. Whitefish chowder is a great way to make use of your Whitefish Freezer Stash. Each online class will include everything needed to make a hearty serving of whitefish chowder plus live online instruction. Register now and pay […]

  • Oyster Tasting 2.0-nline / December 04, 2021 / $25

    The Oyster Tasting is our most popular Fish Class! To ensure no chance of cancellation, 2021 class will be online. Class will include 4-5 different oysters, a shucking knife, shucking tutorial and oyster chat about each oyster. Register now and pay when you pickup your oysters and shucking knife. Online classes will be webinar based […]


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