Which is Healthier: Meat or Fish?

Should you trade the meat block for a fillet knife, or are you dead set on eating steak and potatoes? Both fish and meat have their health benefits and many recipes call for them to be arranged side by side. This is because eating a combination of meat and fish promotes a balanced diet enriched with proteins, fats, and other important nutrients. Despite this, fish and meat are often separated out when sold exclusively by fish mongers and meat butchers in Muskegon, MI. When food is sourced via land vs. sea, it’s sourced by expert fishermen or seasoned butchers. There aren’t many that do both, but this isn’t necessarily because one product is healthier than one another. So, when it comes to the question of whether meat or fish is better for your body, the answer is both for the following reasons.

Protein Levels

Fish and poultry are considered the best foods one can eat for protein. According to Live Science, proteins are one of three macronutrients (the other two being fats and carbohydrates), commonly found in animal products, made up of amino acids that build muscle mass. The body breaks down proteins, which boost muscle mass as well as metabolism. Fish all have varying levels of protein, the highest is tuna. Three ounces of tuna provides around 25 grams of protein. In comparison, three ounces of chicken breast provides around 27 grams of protein. Thus, these two products are quite similar in providing the necessary element to build muscles. Healthline places tuna and chicken breast in a list of 10 foods they consider being made up of almost pure protein.


While fish and chicken have similar protein levels, meat reigns king when it comes to fat content. Red meat contains a higher amount of fat than fish; however, it’s mostly saturated fat, which may affect cholesterol levels negatively. Fish contains more omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s have a variety of health benefits, especially for expecting mothers, as demonstrated by The Fish Monger’s Wife’s Fish Facts page. Omega-3’s lower the risk of heart disease, improve eyesight, and can help with anxiety and depression. Pork contains the least unsaturated fats in comparison to lamb and beef, which results in having more omega-3 fatty acids, similar to fish. When it comes to fish, farmed salmon contains the highest level of omega-3’s than other types of seafood.

How the Combination of Meat and Fish Creates a Healthy Diet

The American Heart Association recommends a diet including fish and poultry. They state that when it comes to red meat, lean meat is best. Lean meats are typically those that include the words “loin” or “round.” Despite this suggestion, meat consists of Vitamin B12, niacin, and selenium. Vitamin B12 ensures that the nerves and blood cells remain healthy and helps prevent anemia. Niacin turns food into an energy, while selenium boosts the immune system, metabolism, and thyroid function. Meat also contains iron, which is also absorbed by the body. Saturated fats also promote healthy brain function, lungs, and liver health, when eaten in moderation.

One example of a tasteful combination of meat and fish is The Fish Monger Wife’s Whitefish BLT recipe. Whitefish is low in fat and offers omega-3’s and lean protein. Bacon also contains omega-3 fatty acids and protein, as well as B-vitamins, selenium, phosphorous, and minerals. So, do you need to trade in your meat block for a filet knife? No, the meat block and knife are kitchen staples that work hand-in-hand. Indulge and purchase your favorite box of bacon from the grocery store and fresh whitefish from your local Muskegon fish monger to make a meal that’s sure to impress.

In conclusion, there is no clear winner when it choosing between meat and fish. Both provide protein, and while fish is higher in omega-3s, meat offers other essential vitamin and minerals. Eating fish and meat creates a balanced diet. They don’t have to be eaten together, but there are a multitude of recipes that include both products. Forget forgoing your Muskegon butcher or fish monger for one another, as they can be utilized in cohesion.