We are Open with a Pick Up Window

**Revision April 1, 2020**

We now have a pick up window to make us No Contact during Corvid-19. We will be open with limited days and hours based on fish availability. We are planning for the Prepay & Pick Up Window to be in effect from April 2 through May 2 or longer based on Corvid-19 guidelines. Please be patient as we work through this stressful and ever changing period in history and know that every decision we are making is based on the best known practices to protect you our Fish Folk, our employees and our family from Corvid-19. 

Window Pick Up Etiquette:

  1. Order & Pay through our web site or over the phone before arriving. If you chose to order at the window you will be asked to park and wait while we fill your order. Payment will still need to be made over the phone so please bring your mobile phone.
  2. Please use our driveway to enter and drive slowly along the building to the Pick Up Window. There will be a table sitting outside the window during Pick Up Hours.
  3. After picking up your order, please pull forward and make a circle turn in our back lot.
  4. Exit using Waddell & Reed Financial Planners side of the parking lot. Waddell & Reed are the AWESOME new Neighbors!
  5. Please use Waddell & Reed’s driveway to leave the parking lot.

Pick Up Window Hours: Thursday 8am-12pm; Friday 12pm-6pm; Saturday 9am-12pm. If you need a different time please contact me to work it out. 

Thank you,

Amber Mae, The Fish Monger’s Wife

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