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If you’re interested in seeing a variety of media including photos and videos, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s getting a glimpse of our largest catch, or our Norton Shores fish market, learning more about Michigan smoked whitefish, watching delicious fish dinners be made, enjoying informational videos featuring fellow fish folk, or getting to know our family, you’re sure to find exciting content here. Maybe you can even be part of the fun some day! We upload weekly, so be sure to follow our social media accounts for the latest from the Monger’s family.

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From Farm Markets to Retail Outlet, Fish Monger’s Wife Building a Fres Fish Business in Muskegon (Muskegon Chronicle 07/25/13): Read

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Michigan Radio: Swimming Upstream: The Shrinking Commercial Fishing Industry (Part1) by Dustin Dywer  Listen and Read

Michigan Radio: Swimming Upstream: The Fish Monger’s Wife (Part 2) Listen and Read


A Leg Above the Rest: Crab Legs vs. Frog Legs

A Leg Above the Rest: Crab Legs vs. Frog Legs

A Leg Above the Rest: Crab Legs vs. Frog Legs Some people are on a paleo diet, 1% of the population to be exact, while others are purely pescatarians, only 3% of the population. The paleo diet limits foods to those that were available during the age of hunters and...

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Which is Healthier: Meat or Fish?

Which is Healthier: Meat or Fish?

Which is Healthier: Meat or Fish? Should you trade the meat block for a fillet knife, or are you dead set on eating steak and potatoes? Both fish and meat have their health benefits and many recipes call for them to be arranged side by side. This is because eating a...

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