Crab Dungeness Clusters, Frozen 1 pound


Dungeness crab has a distinctive sweet flavor, and tender white meat.  There is a richness coming from the level of fat in the meat, which is unique to Dungeness.  Dungeness crab are caught with baited circular steel pots.  The crabs must measure 6.25 inches across the carapace.  Females and juvenile males are returned to the sea to insure a sustainable fishery.  Since females exert most of their energy in egg production, they rarely live long enough to reach market size.  The crabs are kept live on the boats in holding tanks and then brought to shore and either sold live to distributors and end-users or to processers to be turned into meat, sections and snap and eat claws.

Wild Caught, Product of Canada


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1.15 × 1 × .7 in

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