Fish Recipes

Easy Fish Recipes

Looking to purchase fresh fish for sale in Michigan, but unsure of how to cook it? Check out the Wife's easy fish recipes to craft a great dinner time meal, whether you're making seafood for yourself, friends, or family. From our family to yours, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the fresh fish we sell.

Fish Recipes

A comforting home cooked meal requires a good recipe, and a good recipe can be passed down for generations. The Monger family loves good food, and we're always trying out new recipes. Sometimes we even ask Fish Folk to make suggestions about their favorite seafood dishes. We want you to enjoy fresh fish just as much as we do, which is why we've provided a surplus of easy fish recipes to tantalize your palate. Our recipes range from spinach artichoke stuffed salmon to fish tacos, Lake Michigan chowder, to stewed Great Lakes whitefish. If you'd like to try tastes from around the world, some of our dishes are Italian or Mediterranean inspired. Most of the ingredients within these recipes can be found at our Norton Shores fish market; however, most require pantry supplies and essentials, such as milk and eggs, which will have to be purchased at your local grocery store.

Who Taste Tests Your Recipes?

Homemade meals should have a nostalgic taste like no other, so our family taste tests each recipe before posting them online to ensure that our customers are making a dish that will leave a positive impact, whether for themselves, family, or dinner guests. We also have a select group of Fish Folk recipe tasters who occasionally help us with research and recipe development. Stop by our store and pick up your choice of fresh fish, then try out one of our recipes for yourself and let us know what you think!

Can I Cook Easy Fish Recipes With You?

Actually, yes! You can cook with us. The Fish Monger's Wife hosts monthly cooking classes, seasonally, from January to May. If you're interested in learning more about how to make easy fish recipes with Amber and fellow Fish Folk, check out our virtual cooking classes below!


Check out my digital recipe box. All my recommended recipes have been tested and tried by myself or by Fish Folk Foodies with exceptional taste buds!