The Wife’s Log Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today was a very special day for me. It is the first time my no-longer-Little-Fish was able to come to the Muskegon Farmers market with me as a helper. She has come with me before, in fact, eight years ago when I first started at the market and she was a baby, she would come with me on and off during the week. These were slower sales days and she was content to be in her sling or another vendor would entertain her if I was busy for a couple of minutes. But as she and fish sales grew, it became apparent that being Mom and The Fish Monger’s Wife, couldn’t coexist at the farmers market.

But today! Today was going to be the day that changed! I noticed last year that Laughing Tree (Charlie and Hilde) and Maple Moon (Mike and Amanda) started dipping their toes in the “Bring Your Child to Market” waters and our children are all roughly in the same age group, so why not mine?

This morning came early and Anna was up promptly at 5:30 am. While Tammy and I loaded the farmers market truck, she worked at making herself a tip jar— she was very confident her fish wrapping abilities would earn her extra income above the hourly wage she’s already negotiated with me.

After we’d set up our stall up at the Muskegon Farmers Market (stall 31) I took Anna for a tour of the White Lilac Cleaning Company market and to introduce her to various vendor around the market that knew me and could be a “safe stall” for her to go to for help if she needed it. And this is where my Mommy Dream became reality. House cleaning service Palmer was born.

One of Anna’s swim team friends has been coming to market since she was an infant and her mother had wisely chosen a spot with a grassy knoll behind the stall instead of parking. As a seasoned market kid, Swim Friend was totally in the know of how farmers market days worked, from cupcakes for breakfast to a play tent and various craft project. Me and my fish stall didn’t stand a chance and I was promptly dusted.

My disappointment was lifted later in the day when I went back to find Anna and found