Winter Whitefish Sale is now open!

Important things to know about this year’s sale:

  • There will be NO fresh or frozen whitefish fillets available at the Fish Market from November 1 until Lake Michigan is ice free (Spring 2021). If you want Whitefish for the Winter, you need to place an order.
  • Freezer sale bulk price is $11.49/lb on minimum orders of 10 pounds.
  • Order deadline is September 30. If you miss this deadline, you might still get whitefish, but it will not be at the bulk price and you will be on the waiting list.
  • There is no deposit this year. Payment will be due in full when you pick up your order. Cash or check payment is preferred for the sale.
  • Orders will not be ready for pickup until after October 20 and may take as long as November 14 to be ready for pickup. Pickup dates are 100% based on the weather, the fish and any unforeseen COVID guidelines and/or Executive Orders.
  • At the same time, orders not picked up by December 1 will be sold to Fish Folk that forgot to place an order…
  • Orders can be placed through our online store. When you place your order online you still need to “buy” the package even though your total will be $0 at the time of check out. Payment will be made in full when your order is ready.
  • Orders can also be made by calling 231-755-1600 or by coming into the Fish Market.

Whitefish Freezer Sale Packages

Little Fish Package– The Little Fish package is 10 pounds of fillets— that’s enough to remind you how lovely whitefish is, while you wait for Spring … ≈ $115**

Wife Package- The Wife Package is 20 pounds of whitefish fillets—enough to fill your freezer and dine fine through Winter…. ≈$230**

Monger Package- This package is for Whitefish enthusiasts only— 35 pounds of fillets will keep your freezer full till Spring… ≈$400**

Fish Fan Package– Need more or less than what’s listed above? You can custom order. Only orders over 10 pounds quality for the $11.49/lb rate. Orders under 10 pounds will be $12.99/lb

**Final total will be the actual weight of your order. The price listed is an approximate price.

Orders can be placed online, over the phone or in person. Order deadline is September 30, 2020